Glacial Trek 5.3  
                                     ︎ Art

As we belayed deeper into the icy crevasses
The winds bellowed louder and louder
The rain that momentarily took shelter on my shoulders
Eventually became one with the ice of the glaciers

Nothing leaves
Neither our consciousness
Nor our instincts- ever depart from the helix pattern that dwells inside us
Perhaps our inner voice
Are the sounds of our ancestors dating back millions of years

Perhaps our existence
Is as momentary as the rain over my shoulders
And we eventually fall to the ground and become one- not with the earth

But with the compounds of nature
That transcend us to our final abode
So many lives
Could be experienced in a span of days
So many years
Flashing in moments

My crampons grappling the ice
As I glide over the frozen lake
And there’s no sun in sight
For days now
No civilisation
For days now
Only isolation
And the companionship of my past
Shyly, sheepishly imagining
A frivolous future
-As I suffered not from hypothermia
But rather a loss of identity

I was no one
Neither of any profession
Nor a member of any family
I did not even have a name
My history could only be traced back to as long as 21 days

I wasn’t even but a speck of dust
As Carl Sagan would’ve put it
I was insignificant
In front of the magnificent mountains
I wondered if they could see me
Although I was certain at all times
They could feel me

I was to be seen by one entity only
And that is my Creator
He kept an eye on me at all times
Even as my eyes closed and rested
His never did
They were always looking at me
I could feel it

Many sensations were lost
Many memories were buried
Many thoughts were conceived
Many hopes were conquered

A new life had begun
And the sun shone through
The dark ominous clouds that day

a soundscape composed with midi-keyboard and produced on Abelton Live